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TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionBaylor College of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Medicine
DivisionMedicine-Immunology, Allergy, Rheum
AddressOne Baylor Plaza
Houston TX 77030
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    Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral National Research Award , National Institutes of Health
    Junior Faculty Seed Award, Gillson Longebaugh Foundation
    National Scientist Development Award, American Heart Association

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    Over the last 10 years, we have focused our research on the identification of microRNAs with important roles in mammalian immunity and cardiopulmonary disease. Our approach is multipronged as we work with genetically modified mice and human samples. During the course of our work, we have identified novel miRNAs involved in adaptive and innate immunity (i.e. miR-155), heart failure (i.e. miR-22), and emphysema (i.e. miR-22). We are currently characterizing the pathophysiology of let-7 miRNA during emphysema/COPD with novel mouse models in collaboration with Drs. Corry and Kheradmand.

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    microRNA, miRNA, let-7, lincRNA, post-transcription gene regulation, non-coding RNAs, CRISPR, mice genetics, gene targeting, gene editing, cardiovascular disease, autoimmunity

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    1. Kadmon CS, Landers CT, Li HS, Watowich SS, Rodriguez A, King KY. MicroRNA-22 controls interferon alpha production and erythroid maturation in response to infectious stress in mice. Exp Hematol. 2017 12; 56:7-15. PMID: 28911907.
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    2. Rowe RG, Wang LD, Coma S, Han A, Mathieu R, Pearson DS, Ross S, Sousa P, Nguyen PT, Rodriguez A, Wagers AJ, Daley GQ. Developmental regulation of myeloerythroid progenitor function by the Lin28b-let-7-Hmga2 axis. J Exp Med. 2016 Jul 25; 213(8):1497-512. PMID: 27401346; PMCID: PMC4986532 [Available on 01/25/17].
    3. Lu W, You R, Yuan X, Yang T, Samuel EL, Marcano DC, Sikkema WK, Tour JM, Rodriguez A, Kheradmand F, Corry DB. The microRNA miR-22 inhibits the histone deacetylase HDAC4 to promote T(H)17 cell-dependent emphysema. Nat Immunol. 2015 Nov; 16(11):1185-94. PMID: 26437241.
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