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TitleAdjunct Professor
InstitutionBaylor College of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Molecular & Cellular Biology
DivisionMolecular & Cellular Biology
AddressMolecular & Cellular Biology Department
One Baylor Plaza
Houston TX 77030
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    1. Geng C, Kaochar S, Li M, Rajapakshe K, Fiskus W, Dong J, Foley C, Dong B, Zhang L, Kwon OJ, Shah SS, Bolaki M, Xin L, Ittmann M, O'Malley BW, Coarfa C, Mitsiades N. SPOP regulates prostate epithelial cell proliferation and promotes ubiquitination and turnover of c-MYC oncoprotein. Oncogene. 2017 Apr 17. PMID: 28414305.
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    2. Zhang B, Kwon OJ, Henry G, Malewska A, Wei X, Zhang L, Brinkley W, Zhang Y, Castro PD, Titus M, Chen R, Sayeeduddin M, Raj GV, Mauck R, Roehrborn C, Creighton CJ, Strand DW, Ittmann MM, Xin L. Non-Cell-Autonomous Regulation of Prostate Epithelial Homeostasis by Androgen Receptor. Mol Cell. 2016 Sep 15; 63(6):976-89. PMID: 27594448; PMCID: PMC5026614 [Available on 09/15/17].
    3. Xiao L, Feng Q, Zhang Z, Wang F, Lydon JP, Ittmann MM, Xin L, Mitsiades N, He B. The essential role of GATA transcription factors in adult murine prostate. Oncotarget. 2016 Jul 26; 7(30):47891-47903. PMID: 27374105.
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    4. Su Q, Zhang B, Zhang L, Dang T, Rowley D, Ittmann M, Xin L. Jagged1 upregulation in prostate epithelial cells promotes formation of reactive stroma in the Pten null mouse model for prostate cancer. Oncogene. 2016 Jun 27. PMID: 27345403.
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    5. Toneff MJ, Sreekumar A, Tinnirello A, Hollander PD, Habib S, Li S, Ellis MJ, Xin L, Mani SA, Rosen JM. The Z-cad dual fluorescent sensor detects dynamic changes between the epithelial and mesenchymal cellular states. BMC Biol. 2016; 14(1):47. PMID: 27317311; PMCID: PMC4912796.
    6. Welte T, Kim IS, Tian L, Gao X, Wang H, Li J, Holdman XB, Herschkowitz JI, Pond A, Xie G, Kurley S, Nguyen T, Liao L, Dobrolecki LE, Pang L, Mo Q, Edwards DP, Huang S, Xin L, Xu J, Li Y, Lewis MT, Wang T, Westbrook TF, Rosen JM, Zhang XH. Oncogenic mTOR signalling recruits myeloid-derived suppressor cells to promote tumour initiation. Nat Cell Biol. 2016 Jun; 18(6):632-44. PMID: 27183469; PMCID: PMC4884142 [Available on 12/01/16].
    7. Kwon OJ, Zhang B, Zhang L, Xin L. High fat diet promotes prostatic basal-to-luminal differentiation and accelerates initiation of prostate epithelial hyperplasia originated from basal cells. Stem Cell Res. 2016 May; 16(3):682-91. PMID: 27107344.
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    8. Wei X, Orjalo AV, Xin L. CD133 does not enrich for the stem cell activity in vivo in adult mouse prostates. Stem Cell Res. 2016 May; 16(3):597-606. PMID: 27010655.
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    9. Su Q, Xin L. Notch signaling in prostate cancer: refining a therapeutic opportunity. Histol Histopathol. 2016 Feb; 31(2):149-57. PMID: 26521657.
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    10. Kwon OJ, Zhang L, Xin L. Stem Cell Antigen-1 Identifies a Distinct Androgen-Independent Murine Prostatic Luminal Cell Lineage with Bipotent Potential. Stem Cells. 2016 Jan; 34(1):191-202. PMID: 26418304.
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    11. Shore AN, Chang CH, Kwon OJ, Weston MC, Zhang M, Xin L, Rosen JM. PTEN is required to maintain luminal epithelial homeostasis and integrity in the adult mammary gland. Dev Biol. 2016 Jan 1; 409(1):202-17. PMID: 26526198.
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    12. Kwon OJ, Xin L. Prostate epithelial stem and progenitor cells. Am J Clin Exp Urol. 2014; 2(3):209-18. PMID: 25374923; PMCID: PMC4219311.
    13. Kwon OJ, Valdez JM, Zhang L, Zhang B, Wei X, Su Q, Ittmann MM, Creighton CJ, Xin L. Increased Notch signalling inhibits anoikis and stimulates proliferation of prostate luminal epithelial cells. Nat Commun. 2014; 5:4416. PMID: 25048699; PMCID: PMC4167399.
    14. Tsouko E, Khan AS, White MA, Han JJ, Shi Y, Merchant FA, Sharpe MA, Xin L, Frigo DE. Regulation of the pentose phosphate pathway by an androgen receptor-mTOR-mediated mechanism and its role in prostate cancer cell growth. Oncogenesis. 2014; 3:e103. PMID: 24861463; PMCID: PMC4035695.
    15. Kwon OJ, Zhang L, Ittmann MM, Xin L. Prostatic inflammation enhances basal-to-luminal differentiation and accelerates initiation of prostate cancer with a basal cell origin. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Feb 4; 111(5):E592-600. PMID: 24367088; PMCID: PMC3918789.
    16. Tennakoon JB, Shi Y, Han JJ, Tsouko E, White MA, Burns AR, Zhang A, Xia X, Ilkayeva OR, Xin L, Ittmann MM, Rick FG, Schally AV, Frigo DE. Androgens regulate prostate cancer cell growth via an AMPK-PGC-1?-mediated metabolic switch. Oncogene. 2014 Nov 6; 33(45):5251-61. PMID: 24186207; PMCID: PMC4009392.
    17. Zhang B, Chen H, Zhang L, Dakhova O, Zhang Y, Lewis MT, Creighton CJ, Ittmann MM, Xin L. A dosage-dependent pleiotropic role of Dicer in prostate cancer growth and metastasis. Oncogene. 2014 Jun 12; 33(24):3099-108. PMID: 23851498; PMCID: PMC3916938.
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    22. Rowe JH, Ertelt JM, Xin L, Way SS. Listeria monocytogenes cytoplasmic entry induces fetal wastage by disrupting maternal Foxp3+ regulatory T cell-sustained fetal tolerance. PLoS Pathog. 2012; 8(8):e1002873. PMID: 22916020; PMCID: PMC3420962.
    23. Xin L, Shelite TR, Gong B, Mendell NL, Soong L, Fang R, Walker DH. Systemic treatment with CpG-B after sublethal rickettsial infection induces mouse death through indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO). PLoS One. 2012; 7(3):e34062. PMID: 22470514; PMCID: PMC3314704.
    24. Zhang L, Zhang B, Han SJ, Shore AN, Rosen JM, Demayo FJ, Xin L. Targeting CreER(T2) expression to keratin 8-expressing murine simple epithelia using bacterial artificial chromosome transgenesis. Transgenic Res. 2012 Oct; 21(5):1117-23. PMID: 22350718; PMCID: PMC3433578.
    25. Choi N, Zhang B, Zhang L, Ittmann M, Xin L. Adult murine prostate basal and luminal cells are self-sustained lineages that can both serve as targets for prostate cancer initiation. Cancer Cell. 2012 Feb 14; 21(2):253-65. PMID: 22340597; PMCID: PMC3285423.
    26. Shahi P, Seethammagari MR, Valdez JM, Xin L, Spencer DM. Wnt and Notch pathways have interrelated opposing roles on prostate progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation. Stem Cells. 2011 Apr; 29(4):678-88. PMID: 21308863; PMCID: PMC3148789.
    27. Zhang L, Valdez JM, Zhang B, Wei L, Chang J, Xin L. ROCK inhibitor Y-27632 suppresses dissociation-induced apoptosis of murine prostate stem/progenitor cells and increases their cloning efficiency. PLoS One. 2011; 6(3):e18271. PMID: 21464902; PMCID: PMC3065488.
    28. Mullany LK, Fan HY, Liu Z, White LD, Marshall A, Gunaratne P, Anderson ML, Creighton CJ, Xin L, Deavers M, Wong KK, Richards JS. Molecular and functional characteristics of ovarian surface epithelial cells transformed by KrasG12D and loss of Pten in a mouse model in vivo. Oncogene. 2011 Aug 11; 30(32):3522-36. PMID: 21423204; PMCID: PMC3139785.
    29. Zhang L, Zhang B, Valdez JM, Wang F, Ittmann M, Xin L. Dicer ablation impairs prostate stem cell activity and causes prostate atrophy. Stem Cells. 2010 Jul; 28(7):1260-9. PMID: 20517984; PMCID: PMC3030968.
    30. Wang B, Jiao Z, Shao X, Lu L, Yang N, Zhou X, Xin L, Zhou Y, Chou KY. Phenotypic alterations of dendritic cells are involved in suppressive activity of trichosanthin-induced CD8+CD28- regulatory T cells. J Immunol. 2010 Jul 1; 185(1):79-88. PMID: 20498361.
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    31. Xin L, Vargas-Inchaustegui DA, Raimer SS, Kelly BC, Hu J, Zhu L, Sun J, Soong L. Type I IFN receptor regulates neutrophil functions and innate immunity to Leishmania parasites. J Immunol. 2010 Jun 15; 184(12):7047-56. PMID: 20483775; PMCID: PMC4159077.
    32. Zhang L, Zhao W, Valdez JM, Creighton CJ, Xin L. Low-density Taqman miRNA array reveals miRNAs differentially expressed in prostatic stem cells and luminal cells. Prostate. 2010 Feb 15; 70(3):297-304. PMID: 19827049; PMCID: PMC3031866.
    33. Bu W, Xin L, Toneff M, Li L, Li Y. Lentivirus vectors for stably introducing genes into mammary epithelial cells in vivo. J Mammary Gland Biol Neoplasia. 2009 Dec; 14(4):401-4. PMID: 19936990.
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      View in: PubMed
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    47. Abood LG, Michael GJ, Xin L, Knigge KM. Interaction of putative vasopressin receptor proteins of rat brain and bovine pituitary gland with an antibody against a nanopeptide encoded by the reverse message of the complementary mRNA to vasopressin. J Recept Res. 1989; 9(1):19-25. PMID: 2521669.
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    48. Abood LG, Xin L, Michael G, Knigge KM. Interaction of putative vasopressin receptors in rat brain and bovine pituitary gland with a vasopressin anti-idiotype antibody as revealed by immunoblotting. Peptides. 1988 Nov-Dec; 9(6):1407-9. PMID: 2977644.
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