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Academic Article Ethical dimensions of diagnosis: a case study and analysis.
Academic Article Medical ethics in the future: commentary on Andre De Vries.
Academic Article Professionalism and justice: ethical management guidelines for leaders of academic medical centers.
Academic Article Complying with advance directives in the operating room.
Academic Article When does conventional surgical therapy become research?
Academic Article The public's right to know? Surgical treatment of public figures.
Academic Article Ethical issues in the use of tumor markers in clinical investigation of the management of bladder cancer.
Academic Article Ethics of patenting surgical procedures.
Academic Article The ethics of clinical pathways and cost control.
Academic Article Ethical issues in the management of pregnancies complicated by fetal anomalies.
Academic Article Management of disagreements between attending and consulting physicians.
Academic Article A clinically comprehensive ethical framework for offering and recommending cancer treatment before and during pregnancy.
Academic Article When to refer to another surgeon.
Academic Article Ethics and commercial insurance.
Academic Article Abdominal aortic aneurysm in death row inmate.
Academic Article Ethical considerations in elective cesarean delivery.
Academic Article Neglected ethical dimensions of the professional liability crisis.
Academic Article Ethics of serving as a plaintiff's expert medical witness.
Academic Article Surgeon-industry relationships: ethically responsible management of conflicts of interest.
Academic Article Stem cell research: obligations when religious values conflict with professional values.
Academic Article Argument-based medical ethics: a formal tool for critically appraising the normative medical ethics literature.
Academic Article The military physician's ethical response to evidence of torture.
Academic Article Standard of care: what does it really mean?
Academic Article The critical turn in clinical ethics and its continuous enhancement.
Academic Article The ethics of sham surgery in research.
Academic Article Inadequacies with the ACOG and AAP statements on managing ethical conflict during the intrapartum period.
Academic Article Bioethics in the twenty-first century: why we should pay attention to eighteenth-century medical ethics.
Academic Article Pluralism, philosophies of medicine and the varieties of medical ethics: a commentary on Thomasma and Pellegrino.
Academic Article Why VHA should keep the door to physician-assisted suicide closed.
Academic Article An ethical framework for understanding patients with antisocial personality disorder who develop dementia: diagnosing and managing disorders of autonomy.
Academic Article Laying medicine open: innovative interaction between medicine and the humanities.
Academic Article Laying medicine open: understanding major turning points in the history of medical ethics.
Academic Article An ethically based standard of care for fetal therapy.
Academic Article Patient responsibilities, family responsibilities.
Academic Article HIV-infected surgeon: professional responsibility and self interest.
Academic Article Power, integrity, and trust in the managed practice of medicine: lessons from the history of medical ethics.
Academic Article Show me the money: the ethics of physicians' income.
Academic Article A surgeon's obligations when performing new procedures.
Academic Article Trust, moral responsibility, the self, and well-ordered societies: the importance of basic philosophical concepts for clinical ethics.
Academic Article An ethical framework for fetal research.
Academic Article The ethics of operating on a family member.
Academic Article Bioethical pluralism and complementarity.
Academic Article Getting back to the fundamentals of clinical ethics.
Academic Article Responsibly managing ethical challenges of residency training: a guide for surgery residents, educators, and residency program leaders.
Academic Article Other people's money: ethics, finances, and bad outcomes.
Academic Article Preventive ethics for including women of childbearing potential in clinical trials.
Academic Article The accidental bioethicist.
Academic Article Painted into a corner: unexpected complications in treating a Jehovah's Witness.
Academic Article Professional self-regulation: eyewitness to incompetent surgery.
Academic Article My brother's keeper: uncompensated care for illegal immigrants.
Academic Article Ethics and professionalism: do we need yet another surgeons' charter?
Academic Article Training on newly deceased patients.
Academic Article The fetus as a patient: an essential concept for the ethics of perinatal medicine.
Academic Article Ethics of introducing new operating room technology.
Academic Article A framework for the ethically justified clinical management of intersex conditions.
Academic Article Constructing a systematic review for argument-based clinical ethics literature: the example of concealed medications.
Academic Article An impaired surgeon, a conflict of interest, and supervisory responsibilities.
Academic Article Umbilical cord blood collection: do patients really understand?
Academic Article Ethics of professional courtesy.
Academic Article Ethics of maternal-fetal surgery.
Academic Article Advanced age, dementia, and an abdominal aneurysm: intervene?
Academic Article What to do when a patient's international medical care goes south.
Academic Article Ethics of operative scheduling: fiduciary patient responsibilities and more.
Academic Article Ethical considerations in umbilical cord blood banking.
Academic Article The relationship between moral philosophy and medical ethics reconsidered.
Academic Article Operative simulcasts: patient's donations to surgeon's education.
Academic Article The ethics of personal advertising in surgery.
Academic Article Rethinking the conceptual and empirical foundations of clinical ethics.
Academic Article Family-surgeon disagreements over interventions.
Academic Article Ethics of refusal to treat patients as a social statement.
Academic Article A critical analysis of the concept and discourse of 'unborn child'.
Academic Article Ethics of research and the pregnant patient.
Academic Article Surgical infomercials: the ethical price of stardom.
Academic Article The ethics of administrative credentialing.
Academic Article Turf wars: the ethics of professional territorialism.
Academic Article Ethical dimensions of periviability.
Academic Article Was bioethics founded on historical and conceptual mistakes about medical paternalism?
Academic Article An ethical framework for identifying, preventing, and managing conflicts confronting leaders of academic health centers.
Academic Article Prescribing viagra in an ethically responsible fashion.
Academic Article Consultation or corruption? The ethics of signing on to the medical-industrial complex.
Academic Article The fetus as a patient and the ethics of human subjects research: response to commentaries on "An ethically justified framework for clinical investigation to benefit pregnant and fetal patients".
Academic Article An ethically justified framework for clinical investigation to benefit pregnant and fetal patients.
Academic Article An ethical framework for the responsible management of pregnant patients in a medical disaster.
Academic Article Ethical nuances of combining romance with medical practice.
Academic Article Ethics of the new economic credentialing: conflicted leadership roles.
Academic Article Ethics, a neglected dimension of power relationships of physician leaders.
Academic Article A case study in junk bioethics run amok.
Academic Article The ethics of odd ideas, good science, and academic freedom.
Academic Article Implementation of first-trimester risk assessment for trisomy 21: ethical considerations.
Academic Article Withdrawal of life-sustaining low-burden care.
Academic Article Evidence-based obstetric ethics and informed decision-making by pregnant women about invasive diagnosis after first-trimester assessment of risk for trisomy 21.
Academic Article A comprehensive ethical framework for responsibly designing and conducting pharmacologic research that involves pregnant women.
Academic Article Why the Groningen Protocol should be rejected.
Academic Article Decision making in pediatric oncology: who should take the lead? The decisional priority in pediatric oncology model.
Academic Article Ethics of unprofessional behavior that disrupts: crossing the line.
Academic Article Ethical challenges in the management of multiple pregnancies: the professional responsibility model of perinatal ethics.
Academic Article Ethics of over-scheduling: when enough becomes too much.
Academic Article Further evidence for first-trimester risk assessment as an autonomy-enhancing strategy.
Academic Article The OHRP and SUPPORT.
Academic Article Going public with amazing cases: fiat or fiasco?
Academic Article Are ethics practical when externals impact your clinical judgment?
Academic Article Medical education in the public versus the private setting: a qualitative study of medical students' attitudes.
Academic Article Institutional futility: factual or phony?
Academic Article Responses to open peer commentaries on "Physicians' silent decisions: because patient autonomy doesn't always come first".
Academic Article Physicians' silent decisions: because patient autonomy does not always come first.
Academic Article John Gregory's medical ethics and the reform of medical practice in eighteenth-century Edinburgh.
Academic Article Towards a professional ethics model of clinical ethics.
Academic Article Toward ethical best practices in community consultation for research conducted with waiver of informed consent.
Academic Article Consent: informed, simple, implied and presumed.
Academic Article Resolution of retribution.
Academic Article The ethics of randomized placebo-controlled trials of antidepressants with pregnant women: a systematic review.
Academic Article Women and children first: transforming a historic defining moment into a contemporary ethical imperative.
Academic Article An ethically justified practical approach to offering, recommending, performing, and referring for induced abortion and feticide.
Academic Article Women and children first-or last? The New York Declaration.
Academic Article Reforming medical education in ethics and humanities by finding common ground with Abraham Flexner.
Academic Article Ethics: an essential dimension of soliciting philanthropic gifts from donors.
Academic Article I know about Jack and you're no Jack Kevorkian.
Academic Article Obstetric ethics: an essential dimension of planned home birth.
Academic Article A case study in unethical transgressive bioethics: "Letter of concern from bioethicists" about the prenatal administration of dexamethasone.
Academic Article The professional responsibility model of obstetrical ethics: avoiding the perils of clashing rights.
Academic Article Addressing requests by patients for nonbeneficial interventions.
Academic Article Responsibly counselling women about the clinical management of pregnancies complicated by severe fetal anomalies.
Academic Article Perspective: Medical education in medical ethics and humanities as the foundation for developing medical professionalism.
Academic Article The professional responsibility model of obstetric ethics and caesarean delivery.
Academic Article The professional medical ethics model of decision making under conditions of clinical uncertainty.
Academic Article An ethical framework for conducting research on pregnant, opioid-dependent women.
Academic Article An ethical framework for the responsible leadership of accountable care organizations.
Academic Article The ethics of imposing healthy professional lifestyles on professionals.
Academic Article Point-counterpoint. Ethics and genomic incidental findings.
Academic Article Identifying and managing ethical conflict in the gynecologist-patient relationship.
Academic Article Ethical issues in recommending and offering fetal therapy.
Academic Article Sociopolitical and ethical considerations in the treatment of cardiovascular disease in the elderly.
Academic Article Arsenic and old lace: end-of-life care in the postoperative period.
Academic Article A comprehensive ethical framework for fetal research and its application to fetal surgery for spina bifida.
Academic Article Consent for residents to perform surgery.
Academic Article Philosophical challenges in teaching bioethics: the importance of professional medical ethics and its history for bioethics.
Academic Article Ethical challenges of decision making with pregnant patients who have schizophrenia.
Academic Article Disclosure of intraoperative events.
Academic Article A surgeon's obligations to a Jehovah's Witness child.
Academic Article Ethics: an essential dimension of clinical obstetric anesthesia.
Academic Article Do unto others: justice in surgical education.
Academic Article Physicians and hospital managers as cofiduciaries of patients: rhetoric or reality?
Academic Article The Cornell University experience.
Academic Article Ethics of institutional marketing: role of physicians.
Academic Article What to tell patients harmed by other physicians.
Academic Article Clinical disagreements between residents and faculty surgeons.
Academic Article Ethics of surgical innovation to treat rare diseases.
Academic Article Taking the history of medical ethics seriously in teaching medical professionalism.
Academic Article The ethics of innovative surgical approaches for well-established procedures.
Academic Article The nature and limits of the physician's professional responsibilities: surgical ethics, matters of conscience, and managed care.
Academic Article An ethical critique of boutique fetal imaging:a case for the medicalization of fetal imaging.
Academic Article The diagnosis and management of progressive dysfunction of health care organizations.
Academic Article Damned if you do and damned if you don't: medical ethics and a second career.
Academic Article Ethics and growing legal crisis in medicine.
Academic Article Consensus and controversy in clinical research ethics.
Academic Article Neonatal ethics at the limits of viability.
Academic Article When the data won't get you there: the ethics of scientific error, and worse.
Academic Article Ethical considerations of early (first vs. second trimester) risk assessment disclosure for trisomy 21 and patient choice in screening versus diagnostic testing.
Academic Article The identification, management, and prevention of conflict with faculty and fellows: A practical ethical guide for department chairs and division chiefs.
Academic Article Enhancing patient autonomy with risk assessment and invasive diagnosis: an ethical solution to a clinical challenge.
Academic Article Professional responsibility and individual conscience: protecting the informed consent process from impermissible bias.
Academic Article The ethics of direct and indirect referral for termination of pregnancy.
Academic Article Prepublication review of medical ethics research: cause for concern.
Academic Article Reconceptualizing the experience of surrogate decision making: reports vs genuine decisions.
Academic Article An ethical justification and policy for making commitments during computerized residency application processes: The US matching program as a laboratory for needed reform.
Academic Article Professional integrity, respect for autonomy, and the self-regulation of reproductive endocrinology.
Academic Article Preventive ethics and subsequent care of patients self-administering ovarian stimulation for the management of infertility.
Academic Article La frontera: responsibly managing borders and boundaries in clinical ethics.
Academic Article Cosmetic genetics and virtue-based restraints on autonomy.
Academic Article The intellectual and moral integrity of bioethics: response to commentaries on "A case study in unethical transgressive bioethics: 'Letter of concern from bioethicists' about the prenatal administration of dexamethasone".
Academic Article Arboriculture in clinical ethics: using philosophical critical appraisal to clear away underbrush in ethical analysis and argument.
Academic Article Taking seriously the "what then?" question: an ethical framework for the responsible management of medical disasters.
Academic Article The history of ethical decision making in neonatal intensive care.
Academic Article Ethics of re-hearsing procedures on a corpse.
Academic Article Dr. Goold's (2011) observations and criticisms. Letter to the editors.
Academic Article Responsibly managing uncertainties in clinical ethics.
Academic Article Ethics of treating postoperative pain.
Academic Article Ethical dimensions of fetal neurology.
Academic Article Ethics of medical finance: when is enough too much?
Academic Article Directive counseling about becoming pregnant.
Academic Article Critical appraisal of clinical judgment: an essential dimension of clinical ethics.
Concept Fetal Therapies
Concept Hospice Care
Concept Fetal Research
Concept Ethics, Medical
Concept Fetal Blood
Concept Ethics, Research
Concept Ethics, Professional
Concept Bioethics
Concept Fetal Death
Concept Ethics Committees, Clinical
Concept Ethics, Nursing
Concept Ethics Committees, Research
Concept Palliative Care
Concept Fetal Monitoring
Concept Codes of Ethics
Concept Ethics Consultation
Concept Fetal Viability
Concept Ethics
Concept Ethics, Institutional
Concept Principle-Based Ethics
Concept Perinatal Mortality
Concept Fetal Tissue Transplantation
Concept Intensive Care Units, Neonatal
Concept Embryonic and Fetal Development
Concept Maternal-Fetal Relations
Concept Ethics, Clinical
Concept Perinatal Care
Concept Fetal Diseases
Academic Article Preventive ethics for cesarean delivery: the time has come.
Academic Article Apgar score of 0 at 5 minutes and neonatal seizures or serious neurologic dysfunction in relation to birth setting.
Academic Article Professional responsibility to and for patients and the ethics of health policy.
Academic Article The challenge of promoting professionalism through medical ethics and humanities education.
Academic Article When money and principles clash: the ethics of a surgical teaching service.
Academic Article Professionally responsible intrapartum management of patients with major mental disorders.
Academic Article Deliberative clinical ethical judgment: an essential component of contemporary obstetrics.
Academic Article Transgression confession: ethics of medical error disclosure.
Academic Article Planned home birth in the United States and professionalism: a critical assessment.
Academic Article Ethical issues in periviable birth.
Academic Article Deliberative clinical ethics: getting back to basics in the work of clinical ethics and clinical ethicists.
Academic Article Ethical dimensions of first-trimester fetal aneuploidy screening.
Academic Article Should general surgery residents be taught laparoscopic pyloromyotomies? An ethical perspective.
Academic Article Ethics of administrative guidance: how much is too much?
Academic Article Responsibly managing students' learning experiences in student-run clinics: a virtues-based ethical framework.
Academic Article Extending life or prolonging death: when is enough actually too much?
Academic Article Early and total neonatal mortality in relation to birth setting in the United States, 2006-2009.
Academic Article Is "your only hope" medical treatment choice really a choice?
Academic Article The professional responsibility model and patient requests for nonindicated early delivery.
Academic Article Perinatal risks of planned home births in the United States.
Academic Article A philosophical taxonomy of ethically significant moral distress.
Academic Article Medicine as a profession: a hypothetical imperative in clinical ethics.
Academic Article Obligations and frustrations with high-risk patients: ethics of physicians' evaluations.
Academic Article The essential role of medical ethics education in achieving professionalism: the Romanell Report.
Academic Article Is medical advertising always unethical, or does it just seem to be?
Academic Article Ethics in perinatal medicine: A global perspective.
Academic Article Where does innovation adaptation end and experimentation begin?
Academic Article Fetal tissue research: an ongoing story of professionally responsible success.
Academic Article Pediatric Cancer Genetics Research and an Evolving Preventive Ethics Approach for Return of Results after Death of the Subject.
Academic Article Is Whole-Exome Sequencing an Ethically Disruptive Technology? Perspectives of Pediatric Oncologists and Parents of Pediatric Patients With Solid Tumors.
Academic Article To treat or not to treat: On what should surgical therapy be based?
Academic Article Physicians' Professionally Responsible Power: A Core Concept of Clinical Ethics.
Academic Article Single center experience in selective feticide in high-order multiple pregnancy: clinical and ethical issues.
Academic Article Fiduciary disparity clarity: Ethics of divided allegiances.
Academic Article Ethics and professional responsibility: Essential dimensions of planned home birth.
Academic Article Healthcare justice and human rights in perinatal medicine.
Academic Article Moral philosophy in perinatalology: A collaborative model for perinatal ethics.
Academic Article Managing Care of an Intrapartum Patient with Agitation and Psychosis: Ethical and Legal Implications.
Academic Article The ethics of insurance limiting institutional medical care: It's all about the money.
Academic Article Neonatal Mortality of Planned Home Birth in the United States in Relation to Professional Certification of Birth Attendants.
Academic Article The ethics of dysfunctional professional relationships.
Academic Article Virginity testing in professional obstetric and gynaecological ethics.
Academic Article Underlying causes of neonatal deaths in term singleton pregnancies: home births versus hospital births in the United States.
Academic Article Should Neonatologists Give Opinions Withdrawing Life-sustaining Treatment?
Academic Article Philosophical Provocation: The Lifeblood of Clinical Ethics.
Academic Article Perinatal critical care and ethics in perinatal medicine: the role of the perinatologist.
Academic Article Evidence-based, ethically justified counseling for fetal bilateral renal agenesis.
Academic Article Teaching Medical Ethics in Graduate and Undergraduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review of Effectiveness.
Academic Article Ethical issues in cesarean delivery.
Academic Article Serious adverse neonatal outcomes such as 5-minute Apgar score of zero and seizures or severe neurologic dysfunction are increased in planned home births after cesarean delivery.
Academic Article Focus More on Causes and Less on Symptoms of Moral Distress.
Academic Article Effect of advanced maternal age on maternal and neonatal outcomes in assisted reproductive technology pregnancies.
Academic Article A survey of honor-related practices among US obstetricians and gynecologists.
Academic Article Fetal analysis with invasive method (FA-I) and fetal analysis with non-invasive method (FA-NI): replacing current, deceptively imprecise clinical nomenclature.
Academic Article Getting Past Words: Futility and the Professional Ethics of Life-Sustaining Treatment.
Academic Article The ethics of maternal-fetal surgery.
Academic Article Midwife-assisted planned home birth: an essential component of improving the safety of childbirth in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Academic Article Placentophagy among women planning community births in the United States: Frequency, rationale, and associated neonatal outcomes.
Academic Article Preventing incremental drift away from professionalism in graduate medical education.
Academic Article Guild interests: an insidious threat to professionalism in obstetrics and gynecology.
Academic Article An Ethical Framework for Research in Maternal-Fetal Intervention in the Presence of Maternal Human Immunodeficiency Virus or Hepatitis B and C Infection.
Academic Article Subsequent pregnancy outcomes after open maternal-fetal surgery for myelomeningocele.
Concept Perinatal Death
Academic Article Ethical challenges in invasive maternal-fetal intervention.
Academic Article The ethical concept of medicine as a profession discovery or invention?
Academic Article Trustworthiness and Professionalism in Academic Medicine.
Academic Article Neonatal mortality in the United States is related to location of birth (hospital versus home) rather than the type of birth attendant.
Academic Article Fetal interventions in the setting of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: statement from the North American Fetal Therapy Network.
Academic Article Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Guidance on Behalf of the International Fetal Medicine and Surgery Society.
Academic Article Violence against trainees: urgent ethical challenges for medical educators and academic leaders in perinatal medicine.

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