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InstitutionBaylor College of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Pathology & Immunology
AddressDepartment of Pathology
One Baylor Plaza
Houston TX 77030
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    1. Labus JS, Hollister EB, Jacobs J, Kirbach K, Oezguen N, Gupta A, Acosta J, Luna RA, Aagaard K, Versalovic J, Savidge T, Hsiao E, Tillisch K, Mayer EA. Differences in gut microbial composition correlate with regional brain volumes in irritable bowel syndrome. Microbiome. 2017 May 01; 5(1):49. PMID: 28457228.
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    2. Luna RA, Oezguen N, Balderas M, Venkatachalam A, Runge JK, Versalovic J, Veenstra-VanderWeele J, Anderson GM, Savidge T, Williams KC. Distinct Microbiome-Neuroimmune Signatures Correlate With Functional Abdominal Pain in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder. Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. 2017 Mar; 3(2):218-230. PMID: 28275689.
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    3. Pokusaeva K, Johnson C, Luk B, Uribe G, Fu Y, Oezguen N, Matsunami RK, Lugo M, Major A, Mori-Akiyama Y, Hollister EB, Dann SM, Shi XZ, Engler DA, Savidge T, Versalovic J. GABA-producing Bifidobacterium dentium modulates visceral sensitivity in the intestine. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2017 Jan; 29(1). PMID: 27458085.
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    4. Chen D, Oezguen N, Urvil P, Ferguson C, Dann SM, Savidge TC. Regulation of protein-ligand binding affinity by hydrogen bond pairing. Sci Adv. 2016 Mar; 2(3):e1501240. PMID: 27051863; PMCID: PMC4820369.
    5. Joffré E, von Mentzer A, Abd El Ghany M, Oezguen N, Savidge T, Dougan G, Svennerholm AM, Sjöling Å. Allele variants of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli heat-labile toxin are globally transmitted and associated with colonization factors. J Bacteriol. 2015 Jan; 197(2):392-403. PMID: 25404692; PMCID: PMC4272596.
    6. Li S, Shi L, Yang Z, Zhang Y, Perez-Cordon G, Huang T, Ramsey J, Oezguen N, Savidge TC, Feng H. Critical roles of Clostridium difficile toxin B enzymatic activities in pathogenesis. Infect Immun. 2015 Feb; 83(2):502-13. PMID: 25404023; PMCID: PMC4294253.
    7. Endsley MA, Somasunderam AD, Li G, Oezguen N, Thiviyanathan V, Murray JL, Rubin DH, Hodge TW, O'Brien WA, Lewis B, Ferguson MR. Nuclear trafficking of the HIV-1 pre-integration complex depends on the ADAM10 intracellular domain. Virology. 2014 Apr; 454-455:60-6. PMID: 24725932; PMCID: PMC4018752.
    8. Chumpitazi BP, Hollister EB, Oezguen N, Tsai CM, McMeans AR, Luna RA, Savidge TC, Versalovic J, Shulman RJ. Gut microbiota influences low fermentable substrate diet efficacy in children with irritable bowel syndrome. Gut Microbes. 2014 Mar-Apr; 5(2):165-75. PMID: 24637601; PMCID: PMC4063841.
    9. Hegde ML, Tsutakawa SE, Hegde PM, Holthauzen LM, Li J, Oezguen N, Hilser VJ, Tainer JA, Mitra S. The disordered C-terminal domain of human DNA glycosylase NEIL1 contributes to its stability via intramolecular interactions. J Mol Biol. 2013 Jul 10; 425(13):2359-71. PMID: 23542007; PMCID: PMC3779128.
    10. Apte-Sengupta S, Negi S, Leonard VH, Oezguen N, Navaratnarajah CK, Braun W, Cattaneo R. Base of the measles virus fusion trimer head receives the signal that triggers membrane fusion. J Biol Chem. 2012 Sep 21; 287(39):33026-35. PMID: 22859308; PMCID: PMC3463363.
    11. Oezguen N, Power TD, Urvil P, Feng H, Pothoulakis C, Stamler JS, Braun W, Savidge TC. Clostridial toxins: sensing a target in a hostile gut environment. Gut Microbes. 2012 Jan-Feb; 3(1):35-41. PMID: 22356854; PMCID: PMC3337123.
    12. Oezguen N, Mantha AK, Izumi T, Schein CH, Mitra S, Braun W. MD simulation and experimental evidence for Mg²+ binding at the B site in human AP endonuclease 1. Bioinformation. 2011; 7(4):184-98. PMID: 22102776; PMCID: PMC3218521.
    13. Bhavnani SK, Victor S, Calhoun WJ, Busse WW, Bleecker E, Castro M, Ju H, Pillai R, Oezguen N, Bellala G, Brasier AR. How cytokines co-occur across asthma patients: from bipartite network analysis to a molecular-based classification. J Biomed Inform. 2011 Dec; 44 Suppl 1:S24-30. PMID: 21986291; PMCID: PMC3277832.
    14. Oezguen N, Kumar S. Analysis of Cytochrome P450 Conserved Sequence Motifs between Helices E and H: Prediction of Critical Motifs and Residues in Enzyme Functions. J Drug Metab Toxicol. 2011 Aug 30; 2:1000110. PMID: 25426333.
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    15. Savidge TC, Urvil P, Oezguen N, Ali K, Choudhury A, Acharya V, Pinchuk I, Torres AG, English RD, Wiktorowicz JE, Loeffelholz M, Kumar R, Shi L, Nie W, Braun W, Herman B, Hausladen A, Feng H, Stamler JS, Pothoulakis C. Host S-nitrosylation inhibits clostridial small molecule-activated glucosylating toxins. Nat Med. 2011 Sep; 17(9):1136-41. PMID: 21857653; PMCID: PMC3277400.
    16. Navaratnarajah CK, Oezguen N, Rupp L, Kay L, Leonard VH, Braun W, Cattaneo R. The heads of the measles virus attachment protein move to transmit the fusion-triggering signal. Nat Struct Mol Biol. 2011 Feb; 18(2):128-34. PMID: 21217701; PMCID: PMC3059746.
    17. Schein CH, Oezguen N, van der Heden van Noort GJ, Filippov DV, Paul A, Kumar E, Braun W. NMR solution structure of poliovirus uridylyated peptide linked to the genome (VPgpU). Peptides. 2010 Aug; 31(8):1441-8. PMID: 20441784; PMCID: PMC2905501.
    18. Kumar S, Qiu H, Oezguen N, Herlyn H, Halpert JR, Wojnowski L. Ligand diversity of human and chimpanzee CYP3A4: activation of human CYP3A4 by lithocholic acid results from positive selection. Drug Metab Dispos. 2009 Jun; 37(6):1328-33. PMID: 19299527; PMCID: PMC2683693.
    19. Ivanciuc O, Schein CH, Garcia T, Oezguen N, Negi SS, Braun W. Structural analysis of linear and conformational epitopes of allergens. Regul Toxicol Pharmacol. 2009 Aug; 54(3 Suppl):S11-9. PMID: 19121639; PMCID: PMC2716428.
    20. Oezguen N, Zhou B, Negi SS, Ivanciuc O, Schein CH, Labesse G, Braun W. Comprehensive 3D-modeling of allergenic proteins and amino acid composition of potential conformational IgE epitopes. Mol Immunol. 2008 Aug; 45(14):3740-7. PMID: 18621419; PMCID: PMC2593650.
    21. Leonard VH, Sinn PL, Hodge G, Miest T, Devaux P, Oezguen N, Braun W, McCray PB, McChesney MB, Cattaneo R. Measles virus blind to its epithelial cell receptor remains virulent in rhesus monkeys but cannot cross the airway epithelium and is not shed. J Clin Invest. 2008 Jul; 118(7):2448-58. PMID: 18568079; PMCID: PMC2430500.
    22. Oezguen N, Kumar S, Hindupur A, Braun W, Muralidhara BK, Halpert JR. Identification and analysis of conserved sequence motifs in cytochrome P450 family 2. Functional and structural role of a motif 187RFDYKD192 in CYP2B enzymes. J Biol Chem. 2008 Aug 1; 283(31):21808-16. PMID: 18495666; PMCID: PMC2490781.
    23. Mantha AK, Oezguen N, Bhakat KK, Izumi T, Braun W, Mitra S. Unusual role of a cysteine residue in substrate binding and activity of human AP-endonuclease 1. J Mol Biol. 2008 May 23; 379(1):28-37. PMID: 18436236; PMCID: PMC2708089.
    24. Navaratnarajah CK, Vongpunsawad S, Oezguen N, Stehle T, Braun W, Hashiguchi T, Maenaka K, Yanagi Y, Cattaneo R. Dynamic interaction of the measles virus hemagglutinin with its receptor signaling lymphocytic activation molecule (SLAM, CD150). J Biol Chem. 2008 Apr 25; 283(17):11763-71. PMID: 18292085; PMCID: PMC2431048.
    25. Negi SS, Schein CH, Oezguen N, Power TD, Braun W. InterProSurf: a web server for predicting interacting sites on protein surfaces. Bioinformatics. 2007 Dec 15; 23(24):3397-9. PMID: 17933856; PMCID: PMC2636624.
    26. Oezguen N, Schein CH, Peddi SR, Power TD, Izumi T, Braun W. A "moving metal mechanism" for substrate cleavage by the DNA repair endonuclease APE-1. Proteins. 2007 Jul 1; 68(1):313-23. PMID: 17427952.
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    27. Schein CH, Volk DE, Oezguen N, Paul A. Novel, structure-based mechanism for uridylylation of the genome-linked peptide (VPg) of picornaviruses. Proteins. 2006 Jun 1; 63(4):719-26. PMID: 16498624.
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    28. Schein CH, Oezguen N, Volk DE, Garimella R, Paul A, Braun W. NMR structure of the viral peptide linked to the genome (VPg) of poliovirus. Peptides. 2006 Jul; 27(7):1676-84. PMID: 16540201; PMCID: PMC1629084.
    29. von Messling V, Oezguen N, Zheng Q, Vongpunsawad S, Braun W, Cattaneo R. Nearby clusters of hemagglutinin residues sustain SLAM-dependent canine distemper virus entry in peripheral blood mononuclear cells. J Virol. 2005 May; 79(9):5857-62. PMID: 15827201; PMCID: PMC1082760.
    30. Schein CH, Zhou B, Oezguen N, Mathura VS, Braun W. Molego-based definition of the architecture and specificity of metal-binding sites. Proteins. 2005 Jan 1; 58(1):200-10. PMID: 15505785.
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    31. Ivanciuc O, Oezguen N, Mathura VS, Schein CH, Xu Y, Braun W. Using property based sequence motifs and 3D modeling to determine structure and functional regions of proteins. Curr Med Chem. 2004 Mar; 11(5):583-93. PMID: 15032606.
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    32. Izumi T, Schein CH, Oezguen N, Feng Y, Braun W. Effects of backbone contacts 3' to the abasic site on the cleavage and the product binding by human apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease (APE1). Biochemistry. 2004 Jan 27; 43(3):684-9. PMID: 14730972.
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    33. Vongpunsawad S, Oezgun N, Braun W, Cattaneo R. Selectively receptor-blind measles viruses: Identification of residues necessary for SLAM- or CD46-induced fusion and their localization on a new hemagglutinin structural model. J Virol. 2004 Jan; 78(1):302-13. PMID: 14671112; PMCID: PMC303414.
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    35. Murtazina D, Puchkaev AV, Schein CH, Oezguen N, Braun W, Nanavati A, Pikuleva IA. Membrane-protein interactions contribute to efficient 27-hydroxylation of cholesterol by mitochondrial cytochrome P450 27A1. J Biol Chem. 2002 Oct 4; 277(40):37582-9. PMID: 12124390.
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    36. Oezguen N, Adamian L, Xu Y, Rajarathnam K, Braun W. Automated assignment and 3D structure calculations using combinations of 2D homonuclear and 3D heteronuclear NOESY spectra. J Biomol NMR. 2002 Mar; 22(3):249-63. PMID: 11991354.
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