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Academic Article Incompatible type A plasma transfusion in patients requiring massive transfusion protocol: Outcomes of an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma multicenter study.
Academic Article The state of the science of whole blood: lessons learned at Mayo Clinic.
Academic Article Implementation and execution of civilian remote damage control resuscitation programs.
Academic Article Multicenter comparison of emergency release group A versus AB plasma in blunt-injured trauma patients.
Academic Article Survey of medical center employees' willingness and availability to donate blood in support of a civilian warm fresh whole blood program.
Academic Article Prehospital Blood Transfusions in Non-Trauma Patients.
Academic Article Damage control laparotomy for abdominal trauma in children.
Academic Article Emergency use of prethawed Group A plasma in trauma patients.
Academic Article Multicenter observational prehospital resuscitation on helicopter study.
Academic Article Prehospital blood transfusion programs: Capabilities and lessons learned.
Academic Article Prehospital blood transfusions in pediatric trauma and nontrauma patients: a single-center review of safety and outcomes.
Academic Article Back to the future: the renaissance of whole-blood transfusions for massively hemorrhaging patients.
Academic Article Comparison of massive blood transfusion predictive models in the rural setting.
Academic Article Multicenter study of crystalloid boluses and transfusion in pediatric trauma-When to go to blood?
Academic Article The effects of prehospital plasma on patients with injury: a prehospital plasma resuscitation.
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