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Academic Article Discovering distinct genes represented in 29,570 clones from infant brain cDNA libraries by applying sequencing by hybridization methodology.
Academic Article Prototypic sequences for human repetitive DNA.
Academic Article Genome-scale DNA sequence recognition by hybridization to short oligomers.
Academic Article Pash: efficient genome-scale sequence anchoring by Positional Hashing.
Academic Article Pooled genomic indexing of rhesus macaque.
Academic Article Genome sequence of the Brown Norway rat yields insights into mammalian evolution.
Academic Article A sequence-level map of chromosomal breakpoints in the MCF-7 breast cancer cell line yields insights into the evolution of a cancer genome.
Academic Article Clone-array pooled shotgun mapping and sequencing: design and analysis of experiments.
Academic Article ReadDepth: a parallel R package for detecting copy number alterations from short sequencing reads.
Academic Article Discovering functional modules by identifying recurrent and mutually exclusive mutational patterns in tumors.
Academic Article A genome-wide search for promoters that respond to increased MYCN reveals both new oncogenic and tumor suppressor microRNAs associated with aggressive neuroblastoma.
Academic Article Use of array CGH to detect exonic copy number variants throughout the genome in autism families detects a novel deletion in TMLHE.
Academic Article Atlas2 Cloud: a framework for personal genome analysis in the cloud.
Academic Article Polymorphic microsatellite loci for the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) designed using a cost- and time-efficient method.
Academic Article Abundance and length of simple repeats in vertebrate genomes are determined by their structural properties.
Academic Article Long-range massively parallel mate pair sequencing detects distinct mutations and similar patterns of structural mutability in two breast cancer cell lines.
Academic Article The NIH Roadmap Epigenomics Mapping Consortium.
Academic Article An integrative variant analysis suite for whole exome next-generation sequencing data.
Academic Article Pash 3.0: A versatile software package for read mapping and integrative analysis of genomic and epigenomic variation using massively parallel DNA sequencing.
Academic Article Genomic hypomethylation in the human germline associates with selective structural mutability in the human genome.
Academic Article Functional annotation of the human brain methylome identifies tissue-specific epigenetic variation across brain and blood.
Academic Article Emerging patterns of epigenomic variation.
Academic Article Spark: a navigational paradigm for genomic data exploration.
Academic Article Confounding by repetitive elements and CpG islands does not explain the association between hypomethylation and genomic instability.
Academic Article The DNA sequence, annotation and analysis of human chromosome 3.
Academic Article The genome of the sea urchin Strongylocentrotus purpuratus.
Academic Article A high-resolution map of synteny disruptions in gibbon and human genomes.
Academic Article Evolutionary and biomedical insights from the rhesus macaque genome.
Academic Article Human-specific changes of genome structure detected by genomic triangulation.
Academic Article Pash 2.0: scaleable sequence anchoring for next-generation sequencing technologies.
Academic Article Evolutionary breakpoints in the gibbon suggest association between cytosine methylation and karyotype evolution.
Academic Article Centromere remodeling in Hoolock leuconedys (Hylobatidae) by a new transposable element unique to the gibbons.
Academic Article ChIP-seq guidelines and practices of the ENCODE and modENCODE consortia.
Concept Human Genome Project
Concept Genome, Human
Concept Genome, Bacterial
Concept Genome-Wide Association Study
Concept Genome
Academic Article NAHR-mediated copy-number variants in a clinical population: mechanistic insights into both genomic disorders and Mendelizing traits.
Academic Article Recommendations for the design and analysis of epigenome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Comparison and quantitative verification of mapping algorithms for whole-genome bisulfite sequencing.
Academic Article Analysis of interactions between the epigenome and structural mutability of the genome using Genboree Workbench tools.
Academic Article Intermediate DNA methylation is a conserved signature of genome regulation.
Academic Article Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenomes.
Academic Article Performance of ACMG-AMP Variant-Interpretation Guidelines among Nine Laboratories in the Clinical Sequencing Exploratory Research Consortium.
Academic Article ClinGen Pathogenicity Calculator: a configurable system for assessing pathogenicity of genetic variants.
Academic Article Allele-specific epigenome maps reveal sequence-dependent stochastic switching at regulatory loci.
Academic Article ClinGen advancing genomic data-sharing standards as a GA4GH driver project.
Grant Epigenomics 2015: A Roadmap to the Living Genome
Grant Clone-Array Pooled Shotgun Indexing
Grant The pluripotency regulator Prdm14 initiates cancer by epigenetic mechanisms
Grant Multiplexed Methods for the Study of Chromosomal Aberrations in Cancer
Grant Genboree System for Translational Studies of Genome Variation
Grant Comprehensive High-throughput Mapping of Cancer Genomes
Grant Clone Pooling Methods for Physical Mapping
Grant Epigenomics Data Analysis and Coordination Center at Baylor College of Medicine
Grant BCM Center for Precision Medicine Models
Grant Functional Genomic Dissection of Alzheimer's Disease in Humans and Drosophila Models
Grant Baylor College of Medicine/Stanford University Clinical Genome Resource (CLINGEN)
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