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Concept Policy Making
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Concept Policy
Academic Article Policy and the future of adverse event detection using information technology.
Academic Article Overcoming barriers to adopting and implementing computerized physician order entry systems in U.S. hospitals.
Academic Article Community-wide implementation of health information technology: the Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative experience.
Academic Article The future of health information technology in the patient-centered medical home.
Academic Article A qualitative study of Canada's experience with the implementation of electronic health information technology.
Academic Article Lessons from the Canadian national health information technology plan for the United States: opinions of key Canadian experts.
Academic Article Policy initiatives for health information technology: a qualitative study of U.S. expectations and Canada's experience.
Academic Article National efforts to improve health information system safety in Canada, the United States of America and England.
Academic Article National patient safety initiatives: Moving beyond what is necessary.
Academic Article Will a policy of refusing reimbursement for health care-associated infections be a sufficient incentive to drive improvements?--reply.
Academic Article A Way Forward for Bipartisan Health Reform? Democrat and Republican State Legislator Priorities for the Goals of Health Policy.
Academic Article Interoperability: What Is It, How Can We Make It Work for Clinicians, and How Should We Measure It in the Future?
Academic Article Health Apps and Health Policy: What Is Needed?
Academic Article Top-Funded Digital Health Companies And Their Impact On High-Burden, High-Cost Conditions.
Academic Article Telemedicine, COVID-19, and disparities: Policy implications.
Academic Article Telehealth in US hospitals: State-level reimbursement policies no longer influence adoption rates.
Academic Article What counts as a voiceable concern in decisions about speaking out in hospitals: A qualitative study.
Academic Article The role of patient primary language in access to brain tumor resection: Evaluating emergent admission and hospital volume.
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