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An Examination of Incentive Strategies to Increase Participation in Outcomes Research for an Adolescent Inpatient Unit.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes research in cancer clinical trial cooperative groups: the RTOG model.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes research in surgical oncology.Academic Article Why?
Patient-centered outcomes research: is this really something new?Academic Article Why?
Seven deadly sins in trauma outcomes research: an epidemiologic post mortem for major causes of bias.Academic Article Why?
2012 ASN Update on Patient Centered Outcomes Research in Kidney DiseaseGrant Why?
Improving Child Health by Disseminating Patient Centered Outcomes ResearchGrant Why?
Methods Training in Patient-Centered Cancer Outcomes ResearchGrant Why?
Outcomes Research in Rheumatic Diseases: A Mentoring ProgramGrant Why?
Achieving Critical Mass in Surgical Outcomes Research: The Changing Role of the Surgical Outcomes Club.Academic Article Why?
Deliberative Engagement Methods for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.Academic Article Why?
Establishment of a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network for Individuals with TBI and Neuropsychiatric Symptoms.Academic Article Why?
Outcomes research-standardized clinical assessment and management plans.Academic Article Why?
Environmental Health Outcomes Research Among Hurricane Harvey SurvivorsGrant Why?
Outcome Assessment (Health Care)Concept Why?
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