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TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionBaylor College of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Pediatrics
DivisionPediatrics-Human Immunobiology
AddressPediatrics - Immunobiology Center
One Baylor Plaza
Houston TX 77030
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    1. Lesteberg K, Orange J, Makedonas G. Recycling endosomes in human cytotoxic T lymphocytes constitute an auxiliary intracellular trafficking pathway for newly synthesized perforin. Immunol Res. 2017 Aug 18. PMID: 28822075.
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    2. Mahapatra S, Mace EM, Minard CG, Forbes LR, Vargas-Hernandez A, Duryea TK, Makedonas G, Banerjee PP, Shearer WT, Orange JS. High-resolution phenotyping identifies NK cell subsets that distinguish healthy children from adults. PLoS One. 2017; 12(8):e0181134. PMID: 28767726.
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    3. Singla S, Wenderfer SE, Muscal E, Sagcal-Gironella ACP, Orange JS, Makedonas G. Changes in Frequency and Activation Status of Major CD4(+) T-Cell Subsets after Initiation of Immunosuppressive Therapy in a Patient with New Diagnosis Childhood-Onset Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Front Pediatr. 2017; 5:104. PMID: 28555177.
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    4. Anvari S, Grimbergen A, Davis CM, Makedonas G. Protein transport inhibitors downregulate the expression of LAG-3 on regulatory T cells. J Immunol Methods. 2017 Apr 21. PMID: 28434981.
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    5. Bocchini CE, Nahmod K, Katsonis P, Kim S, Kasembeli MM, Freeman A, Lichtarge O, Makedonas G, Tweardy DJ. Protein stabilization improves STAT3 function in autosomal dominant hyper-IgE syndrome. Blood. 2016 Dec 29; 128(26):3061-3072. PMID: 27799162.
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    6. Demers KR, Makedonas G, Buggert M, Eller MA, Ratcliffe SJ, Goonetilleke N, Li CK, Eller LA, Rono K, Maganga L, Nitayaphan S, Kibuuka H, Routy JP, Slifka MK, Haynes BF, McMichael AJ, Bernard NF, Robb ML, Betts MR. Temporal Dynamics of CD8+ T Cell Effector Responses during Primary HIV Infection. PLoS Pathog. 2016 Aug; 12(8):e1005805. PMID: 27486665; PMCID: PMC4972399.
    7. Gavino AC, Nahmod K, Bharadwaj U, Makedonas G, Tweardy DJ. STAT3 Inhibition Prevents Lung Inflammation, Remodeling, and Accumulation of Th2 and Th17 Cells in a Murine Asthma Model. Allergy. 2016 May 26. PMID: 27225906.
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    8. DiNardo AR, Mace EM, Lesteberg K, Cirillo JD, Mandalakas AM, Graviss EA, Orange JS, Makedonas G. Schistosome Soluble Egg Antigen Decreases Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Specific CD4+ T-Cell Effector Function With Concomitant Arrest of Macrophage Phago-Lysosome Maturation. J Infect Dis. 2016 Aug 1; 214(3):479-88. PMID: 27389351; PMCID: PMC4936644 [Available on 08/01/17].
    9. DiNardo AR, Mandalakas AM, Maphalala G, Mtetwa G, Mndzebele T, Ustero P, Hlatshwayo M, Mace EM, Orange JS, Makedonas G. HIV Progression Perturbs the Balance of the Cell-Mediated and Anti-Inflammatory Adaptive and Innate Mycobacterial Immune Response. Mediators Inflamm. 2016; 2016:1478340. PMID: 27006526; PMCID: PMC4781991.
    10. Nesher L, Shah DP, Ariza-Heredia EJ, Azzi JM, Siddiqui HK, Ghantoji SS, Marsh LY, Michailidis L, Makedonas G, Rezvani K, Shpall EJ, Chemaly RF. Utility of the Enzyme-Linked Immunospot Interferon-?-Release Assay to Predict the Risk of Cytomegalovirus Infection in Hematopoietic Cell Transplant Recipients. J Infect Dis. 2016 Jun 1; 213(11):1701-7. PMID: 26908740; PMCID: PMC4857477.
    11. Angelo LS, Banerjee PP, Monaco-Shawver L, Rosen JB, Makedonas G, Forbes LR, Mace EM, Orange JS. Practical NK cell phenotyping and variability in healthy adults. Immunol Res. 2015 Jul; 62(3):341-56. PMID: 26013798.
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    12. Watkin LB, Jessen B, Wiszniewski W, Vece TJ, Jan M, Sha Y, Thamsen M, Santos-Cortez RL, Lee K, Gambin T, Forbes LR, Law CS, Stray-Pedersen A, Cheng MH, Mace EM, Anderson MS, Liu D, Tang LF, Nicholas SK, Nahmod K, Makedonas G, Canter DL, Kwok PY, Hicks J, Jones KD, Penney S, Jhangiani SN, Rosenblum MD, Dell SD, Waterfield MR, Papa FR, Muzny DM, Zaitlen N, Leal SM, Gonzaga-Jauregui C. COPA mutations impair ER-Golgi transport and cause hereditary autoimmune-mediated lung disease and arthritis. Nat Genet. 2015 Jun; 47(6):654-60. PMID: 25894502; PMCID: PMC4513663.
    13. Zheng P, Noroski LM, Hanson IC, Chen Y, Lee ME, Huang Y, Zhu MX, Banerjee PP, Makedonas G, Orange JS, Shearer WT, Liu D. Molecular mechanisms of functional natural killer deficiency in patients with partial DiGeorge syndrome. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2015 May; 135(5):1293-302. PMID: 25748067.
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    14. Milner JD, Vogel TP, Forbes L, Ma CA, Stray-Pedersen A, Niemela JE, Lyons JJ, Engelhardt KR, Zhang Y, Topcagic N, Roberson ED, Matthews H, Verbsky JW, Dasu T, Vargas-Hernandez A, Varghese N, McClain KL, Karam LB, Nahmod K, Makedonas G, Mace EM, Sorte HS, Perminow G, Rao VK, O'Connell MP, Price S, Su HC, Butrick M, McElwee J, Hughes JD, Willet J, Swan D, Xu Y, Santibanez-Koref M, Slowik V, Dinwiddie DL, Ciaccio CE, Saunders CJ, Septer S, Kingsmore SF, White AJ, Cant AJ, Hambleton S, Cooper MA. Early-onset lymphoproliferation and autoimmunity caused by germline STAT3 gain-of-function mutations. Blood. 2015 Jan 22; 125(4):591-9. PMID: 25359994; PMCID: PMC4304103.
    15. Manuel SL, Sehgal M, Connolly J, Makedonas G, Khan ZK, Gardner J, Betts MR, Jain P. Lack of recall response to Tax in ATL and HAM/TSP patients but not in asymptomatic carriers of human T-cell leukemia virus type 1. J Clin Immunol. 2013 Oct; 33(7):1223-39. PMID: 23888327; PMCID: PMC3784618.
    16. McLane LM, Banerjee PP, Cosma GL, Makedonas G, Wherry EJ, Orange JS, Betts MR. Differential localization of T-bet and Eomes in CD8 T cell memory populations. J Immunol. 2013 Apr 1; 190(7):3207-15. PMID: 23455505; PMCID: PMC3608800.
    17. Mace EM, Hsu AP, Monaco-Shawver L, Makedonas G, Rosen JB, Dropulic L, Cohen JI, Frenkel EP, Bagwell JC, Sullivan JL, Biron CA, Spalding C, Zerbe CS, Uzel G, Holland SM, Orange JS. Mutations in GATA2 cause human NK cell deficiency with specific loss of the CD56(bright) subset. Blood. 2013 Apr 4; 121(14):2669-77. PMID: 23365458; PMCID: PMC3617632.
    18. Hersperger AR, Martin JN, Shin LY, Sheth PM, Kovacs CM, Cosma GL, Makedonas G, Pereyra F, Walker BD, Kaul R, Deeks SG, Betts MR. Increased HIV-specific CD8+ T-cell cytotoxic potential in HIV elite controllers is associated with T-bet expression. Blood. 2011 Apr 7; 117(14):3799-808. PMID: 21289310; PMCID: PMC3083297.
    19. Makedonas G, Betts MR. Living in a house of cards: re-evaluating CD8+ T-cell immune correlates against HIV. Immunol Rev. 2011 Jan; 239(1):109-24. PMID: 21198668; PMCID: PMC3025661.
    20. Hutnick NA, Carnathan DG, Dubey SA, Cox KS, Kierstead L, Makadonas G, Ratcliffe SJ, Lasaro MO, Robertson MN, Casimiro DR, Ertl HC, Betts MR. Vaccination with Ad5 vectors expands Ad5-specific CD8 T cells without altering memory phenotype or functionality. PLoS One. 2010; 5(12):e14385. PMID: 21203546; PMCID: PMC3008674.
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    22. Makedonas G, Hutnick N, Haney D, Amick AC, Gardner J, Cosma G, Hersperger AR, Dolfi D, Wherry EJ, Ferrari G, Betts MR. Perforin and IL-2 upregulation define qualitative differences among highly functional virus-specific human CD8 T cells. PLoS Pathog. 2010 Mar; 6(3):e1000798. PMID: 20221423; PMCID: PMC2832688.
    23. Hutnick NA, Carnathan D, Demers K, Makedonas G, Ertl HC, Betts MR. Adenovirus-specific human T cells are pervasive, polyfunctional, and cross-reactive. Vaccine. 2010 Feb 23; 28(8):1932-41. PMID: 20188249; PMCID: PMC2832841.
    24. Hutnick NA, Carnathan DG, Dubey SA, Makedonas G, Cox KS, Kierstead L, Ratcliffe SJ, Robertson MN, Casimiro DR, Ertl HC, Betts MR. Baseline Ad5 serostatus does not predict Ad5 HIV vaccine-induced expansion of adenovirus-specific CD4+ T cells. Nat Med. 2009 Aug; 15(8):876-8. PMID: 19620962; PMCID: PMC2723179.
    25. Engram JC, Dunham RM, Makedonas G, Vanderford TH, Sumpter B, Klatt NR, Ratcliffe SJ, Garg S, Paiardini M, McQuoid M, Altman JD, Staprans SI, Betts MR, Garber DA, Feinberg MB, Silvestri G. Vaccine-induced, simian immunodeficiency virus-specific CD8+ T cells reduce virus replication but do not protect from simian immunodeficiency virus disease progression. J Immunol. 2009 Jul 1; 183(1):706-17. PMID: 19542473.
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    26. Makedonas G, Banerjee PP, Pandey R, Hersperger AR, Sanborn KB, Hardy GA, Orange JS, Betts MR. Rapid up-regulation and granule-independent transport of perforin to the immunological synapse define a novel mechanism of antigen-specific CD8+ T cell cytotoxic activity. J Immunol. 2009 May 1; 182(9):5560-9. PMID: 19380804; PMCID: PMC2714586.
    27. Hersperger AR, Makedonas G, Betts MR. Flow cytometric detection of perforin upregulation in human CD8 T cells. Cytometry A. 2008 Nov; 73(11):1050-7. PMID: 18615597.
      View in: PubMed
    28. Hokey DA, Johnson FB, Smith J, Weber JL, Yan J, Hirao L, Boyer JD, Lewis MG, Makedonas G, Betts MR, Weiner DB. Activation drives PD-1 expression during vaccine-specific proliferation and following lentiviral infection in macaques. Eur J Immunol. 2008 May; 38(5):1435-45. PMID: 18389475; PMCID: PMC2996615.
    29. Makedonas G, Betts MR. Polyfunctional analysis of human t cell responses: importance in vaccine immunogenicity and natural infection. Springer Semin Immunopathol. 2006 Nov; 28(3):209-19. PMID: 16932955.
      View in: PubMed
    30. Makedonas G, Bruneau J, Alary M, Tsoukas CM, Lowndes CM, Lamothe F, Bernard NF. Comparison of HIV-specific CD8 T-cell responses among uninfected individuals exposed to HIV parenterally and mucosally. AIDS. 2005 Feb 18; 19(3):251-9. PMID: 15718835.
      View in: PubMed
    31. Makedonas G, Bruneau J, Lin H, Sékaly RP, Lamothe F, Bernard NF. HIV-specific CD8 T-cell activity in uninfected injection drug users is associated with maintenance of seronegativity. AIDS. 2002 Aug 16; 16(12):1595-602. PMID: 12172080.
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