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TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionBaylor College of Medicine
DepartmentDepartment of Pediatrics
AddressDepartment of Pediatrics-Hem/Onc
1102 Bates St., C1200
Houston TX 77030
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    genetic counseling, pediatric cancer genetics, genomics

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    1. Wynn J, Lewis K, Amendola LM, Bernhardt BA, Biswas S, Joshi M, McMullen C, Scollon S. Clinical providers' experiences with returning results from genomic sequencing: an interview study. BMC Med Genomics. 2018 May 08; 11(1):45. PMID: 29739461.
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    2. Amendola LM, Robinson JO, Hart R, Biswas S, Lee K, Bernhardt BA, East K, Gilmore MJ, Kauffman TL, Lewis KL, Roche M, Scollon S, Wynn J, Blout C. Why Patients Decline Genomic Sequencing Studies: Experiences from the CSER Consortium. J Genet Couns. 2018 Mar 01. PMID: 29497922.
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    3. Gutierrez AM, Robinson JO, Statham EE, Scollon S, Bergstrom KL, Slashinski MJ, Parsons DW, Plon SE, McGuire AL, Street RL. Portero versus portador: Spanish interpretation of genomic terminology during whole exome sequencing results disclosure. Per Med. 2017 Nov; 14(6):503-514. PMID: 29749861.
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    6. Druker H, Zelley K, McGee RB, Scollon SR, Kohlmann WK, Schneider KA, Wolfe Schneider K. Genetic Counselor Recommendations for Cancer Predisposition Evaluation and Surveillance in the Pediatric Oncology Patient. Clin Cancer Res. 2017 Jul 01; 23(13):e91-e97. PMID: 28674117.
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    8. Porter CC, Druley TE, Erez A, Kuiper RP, Onel K, Schiffman JD, Wolfe Schneider K, Scollon SR, Scott HS, Strong LC, Walsh MF, Nichols KE. Recommendations for Surveillance for Children with Leukemia-Predisposing Conditions. Clin Cancer Res. 2017 Jun 01; 23(11):e14-e22. PMID: 28572263.
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    9. Scollon S, Anglin AK, Thomas M, Turner JT, Wolfe Schneider K. A Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Tumors and Associated Cancer Predisposition Syndromes. J Genet Couns. 2017 Mar 29. PMID: 28357779.
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    10. Scollon S, Wynn J, Lewis K, Amendola L, Bernhardt B, Biswass S, Joshi M, McMullen C. Perspectives of Clinicians on the Return of Results for Genomic Sequencing. 2017.
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    16. Amendola LM, Lautenbach D, Scollon S ,Bernhardt B, Biswas S, East K, Everett J, Gilmore MJ, Himes P, Raymond VM, Wynn J, Hart R for the CSER Genetic Counseling Working Group, and Jarvik GP. Illustrative Case Studies in the Return of Exome and Genome Sequencing Results. Personalized Medicine. 2015; 12(3):283-295.
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    21. Scollon S, McWalter K, Abe K, King J, Kimata K, Slavin TP. Haploinsufficiency of STK11 and neighboring genes cause a contiguous gene syndrome including Peutz-Jeghers phenotype. Am J Med Genet A. 2012 Nov; 158A(11):2959-62. PMID: 22987620.
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    24. S. Scollon, S. Gutierrez, A. L. McGuire, S. Hicks, S. E. Plon . Optional Enrollment into Access Controlled Genomic Databases: Decision making in Hispanics versus non-Hispanics. (Poster presentation, ASHG 2012).
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    27. Scollon S, Wynn J, Lewis K, Amendola L, Bernhardt B, Biswass S, Joshi M, McMullen C. Perspectives of Clinicians on the Return of Results for Genomic Sequencing.(Poster presentation, American College of Medical Genetics Annual Meeting 2017).
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