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DivisionMolecular Physiology & Biophysics
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Houston TX 77030
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    1. Dharmadhikari AV, Sun JJ, Gogolewski K, Carofino BL, Ustiyan V, Hill M, Majewski T, Szafranski P, Justice MJ, Ray RS, Dickinson ME, Kalinichenko VV, Gambin A, Stankiewicz P. Lethal lung hypoplasia and vascular defects in mice with conditional Foxf1 overexpression. Biol Open. 2016 Nov 15; 5(11):1595-1606. PMID: 27638768.
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    2. Hsu CW, Wong L, Rasmussen TL, Kalaga S, McElwee ML, Keith LC, Bohat R, Seavitt JR, Beaudet AL, Dickinson ME. Three-dimensional microCT imaging of mouse development from early post-implantation to early postnatal stages. Dev Biol. 2016 Nov 15; 419(2):229-236. PMID: 27671873.
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